Sulprint invests in the Entrepreneurial Education of many young people in our region, in partnership with the NGO FOCO EMPREENDEDOR. We donate hours of work to the NGO for various activities and services, such as lectures and facilitations, general services, graphic materials, support in the management of social media.

We also adhere to the Gold Seal of Social Investor, a recognition of the work done and involvement with the NGO. Through this tool, we help our society and entrepreneurial education, helping to qualify young people for work.

One of the main projects of the NGO FOCO EMPREENDEDOR and the project in which our company is most involved is the so-called “Caminhos Profissionais”, which aims to prepare young people, from 16 to 29 years old, for the future, exploring the most diverse subjects about the entrepreneurship, human relations and work. In partnership with the HR sectors of different companies, these young people at the end of the course are available to join the opportunities ahead.

Our professionals have joined other volunteers in the community and participate as facilitators and instructors in workshops of the most varied content for the project, seeking to encourage young people and motivate them in relation to self-knowledge and work.

“This project was extremely important in my personal and professional life. With it, I was able to gain new perspectives on life, improve my planning and construction of personal and professional projections, and found my interest in a professional field I was not yet aware of. I had access to workshops that motivated me to have vision and look for more achievements, with a high focus on being a qualified, dedicated professional and, above all, interested in learning new things. ”Felipe Carvalho, former participant in the “Caminhos Profissionais” project and currently a intern at Sulprint.

Other young apprentices from this project also came to work with us.

Our part is being done to contribute to a better future for us and all these young people that we have the immense pleasure of living along the “Caminhos Profissionais”.


Reverse Logistics

Sulprint believes that there is a responsibility shared between the manufacturers of products that are for consumption, retailers, industries, and the representative entities. With this vision, it is part of the Setorial de Logística Reversa (sectorial agreement of reverse logistics), which will be started by the 12 world cup host cities; these represent 38% of the country’s waste. There will be a financial contribution of 70 million over the next 3 years, which will be invested in opening 376 recycling cooperatives, 600 collection points, among others, generating conditions for the trash to arrive at a location for recycling and, after going through the process, go back to the industry and is renewed in a new product, completing the packaging cycle.



CO2 Emission Reduction

Sulprint is committed to carry out its activities and to consume energy in its manufacturing facilities, using only energy from clean, totally renewable and environmentally friendly sources.

Transformation of scraps

With a focus on continuous reduction of consumption of raw materials, Sulprint transformed its extrusion sector, so that all the waste from this process, return as raw material for new films of polyethylene and polypropylene.
For this, the company has implemented two recycling processes. One that takes advantage of the trimmings in line and another that recycles the other scraps, such as those of the machine setup. With these recycled materials, it develops films for promotional banners.
All scraps from other processes, such as conversion, which received ink or adhesive and, in turn, cannot be recycled as crystal resin, goes for recycling in a partner company of Sulprint, which produces injected.


Transformation of scraps

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